2016-06-03 Tom ParkerLeaf: use loop to copy data to can tx hardware -- small... nissan-leaf-climate-control
2016-06-03 Tom ParkerLeaf: send remote command 25 times like the Gen 2 does
2016-06-03 Tom ParkerLeaf: send appropriate response message in command...
2016-06-03 Tom ParkerLeaf: define new CMD_ClimateControl with ON and OFF...
2016-06-01 Tom ParkerLeaf: use two buttons on the homelink to enable and...
2016-06-01 Tom ParkerLeaf: support for remote charging
2016-06-01 Tom ParkerLeaf: remove debug
2016-06-01 Tom ParkerLeaf: Toggle a GPIO to wake up GEN 1 Leaf
2016-06-01 Tom ParkerLeaf: send gen 2 wakeup command during remote climate...
2016-06-01 Tom ParkerLeaf: extract CAN transmit to vehicle_nissanleaf_sendCa...
2016-06-01 Tom ParkerLeaf: Refactor to return early if we're not transmitting
2016-06-01 Tom ParkerLeaf: refactor climate control to combine on & off
2016-06-01 Tom ParkerLeaf: initial remote climate control, only works during...
2016-05-29 Mark Webb-Johnsonmakefiles for SIM808 configurations SIM808-production
2016-05-29 Mark Webb-Johnsonv2.8.6 production builds v2.8.6
2016-05-26 Michael Balzer- RT documentation: added modem terminal speed fix...
2016-05-26 Michael Balzer- Added modem power up on module power up
2016-05-25 Michael Balzer- SIM808 GPS fetch & coordinate processing
2016-05-22 Michael BalzerMerge branch 'master' of
2016-05-21 Mark Webb-JohnsonFirmware build restructuring for SIM808 support, and...
2016-05-21 Mark Webb-JohnsonFix for twizy to allow production builds with OVMS_TWIZ...
2016-05-19 Michael BalzerMerge branch 'master' of
2016-05-19 Michael BalzerMerge pull request #148 from carrott/deterministic...
2016-05-19 Michael BalzerMerge branch 'master' of
2016-05-19 Michael BalzerMerge pull request #147 from carrott/nissan-leaf
2016-05-19 Michael BalzerMerged Kia Soul 0.46 06 Mar 2016 (Geir Øyvind Vælidalo)
2016-05-19 Michael BalzerTwizy: minor documentation fixes & additions
2016-05-15 Tom Parkerled_set should turn on the chosen led, not OVMS_LED_O...
2016-05-15 Tom ParkerDeterministic TRISC & PORTC init in each module
2016-05-14 Tom ParkerLeaf: initialize SOC and SOC alert to avoid SMS on... nissan-leaf
2016-05-14 Tom ParkerLeaf: use unambiguous variable types
2016-05-14 Tom ParkerLeaf: use J1772 pilot maximum current to set the pilot...
2016-05-14 Tom ParkerLeaf: don't update charger state when the can bus goes...
2016-05-14 Tom ParkerLeaf: turn off polling as it causes a relay to click...
2016-05-14 Tom ParkerLeaf: extract gids out to a separate value
2016-05-14 Tom ParkerLeaf: Refactor charger status logic
2016-05-14 Tom ParkerLeaf: understand waiting for charge timer
2016-05-14 Tom ParkerLeaf: when ABS messages stop, car must be off, even...
2016-05-14 Tom ParkerLeaf: extract car on-off to a function
2016-05-14 Tom ParkerLeaf:
2016-05-14 Tom ParkerLeaf:
2016-04-15 Michael BalzerMerge branch 'master' of
2016-04-15 Michael BalzerTwizy documentation:
2016-04-11 Mark Webb-JohnsonMerge pull request #146 from carrott/nissan-leaf-reformat
2016-04-10 Tom ParkerLeaf: reformat using mplabx 'whitesmiths' formatting...
2016-04-04 Michael BalzerTwizy user guide v1.8 (BMS power limit bypass)
2016-03-25 Michael BalzerFramework:
2016-03-14 Mark Webb-Johnson2.8.5 final changes v2.8.5
2016-03-14 Mark Webb-Johnsonv2.8.5 label
2016-03-14 Mark Webb-JohnsonFix SMS VERSION command
2016-03-13 Michael BalzerMerge branch 'master' of
2016-03-13 Mark Webb-JohnsonUse AT+CGPSRST=0 for cold start of GPS 2.8.3
2016-03-13 Michael BalzerMerge branch 'master' of
2016-03-13 Michael BalzerTwizy 3.7.2:
2016-03-13 Mark Webb-JohnsonRe-work GPS initialisation for SIM808
2016-03-10 Mark Webb-JohnsonMerge branch 'master' of
2016-03-03 Mark Webb-JohnsonAdd explanatory text for Crypt::RC4::XS vs Crypt::RC4
2016-03-02 Michael BalzerMerge pull request #144 from Nukem36/master
2016-03-02 Nukem36Merge pull request #1 from Nukem36/Nukem36-patch-1
2016-03-01 Nukem36Added files via upload
2016-02-29 Mark Webb-JohnsonMerge branch 'master' of
2016-02-29 Mark Webb-JohnsonAdd pics and docs on Tesla Model S new style DIAG conne...
2016-02-27 Mark Webb-JohnsonMPLABX 3.1x support, and OVMS_BUILDCONFIG to show selec...
2016-02-01 Michael BalzerServer version 2.3.1:
2016-01-21 Michael Balzer- Minor Twizy documentation updates
2016-01-10 Michael Balzer- timeout handling changed to IO::Socket::Timeout
2016-01-04 Michael BalzerTwizy:
2016-01-04 Michael Balzer- Server: send Google push notifications also while...
2016-01-02 Michael BalzerTwizy:
2016-01-02 Michael BalzerFramework:
2015-12-26 Michael Balzer- Twizy user manual update (V3.7)
2015-12-26 Michael BalzerMerge branch 'master' of
2015-12-26 Michael BalzerFramework V2.8.2:
2015-12-26 Michael BalzerTwizy V3.7.0:
2015-12-20 Michael Balzer- Added compiler switch OVMS_NO_CRASHDEBUG
2015-12-18 Michael BalzerTwizy:
2015-12-09 Mark Webb-JohnsonAdd hints on 0x100/0x96 and 0x400/0x01
2015-11-23 Michael Balzer- Server fix: email notifications also sent without...
2015-11-16 Michael Balzer- doc: CPAN SSL info
2015-11-16 Michael BalzerServer:
2015-11-16 Mark Webb-JohnsonC2DM -> GCM for Google's never ending obsolescece cycle
2015-10-20 Michael BalzerKia Soul:
2015-10-19 Michael BalzerKia Soul:
2015-10-16 Michael BalzerKia Soul: DEBUG diag output fixed for SMS size limit
2015-10-16 Michael BalzerFramework:
2015-10-16 Michael BalzerKia Soul:
2015-10-12 Michael Balzer- Twizy: excluded CFG command debug outputs to enable...
2015-10-10 Michael Balzer- ROM usage optimization for OVMS_NO_VEHICLE_ALERTS
2015-10-07 Michael BalzerNew vehicle: Kia Soul EV, initial version 0.1 (alpha...
2015-10-07 Michael Balzer- Added vehicle_version to net msg "F"
2015-10-03 Michael BalzerClient Edimax scripts: silent cron errors, syslog output
2015-10-03 Michael BalzerTwizy:
2015-10-02 Michael BalzerTwizy:
2015-09-26 Michael BalzerTwizy: ideal range calculated with temperature influenc...
2015-09-23 Michael BalzerFix for Twizy build w/o BATTMON
2015-09-23 Mark Webb-Johnson2.8.1 changes v2.8.1
2015-09-23 Mark Webb-JohnsonBuild firmware for 2.8.1
2015-09-23 Mark Webb-JohnsonFull build for twizzy, in production (include CFG and...
2015-09-23 Mark Webb-JohnsonMake COPS more lenient. Support GPRS DNS.
2015-09-23 Mark Webb-JohnsonBuild config tidy ups