2018-03-05 Tom Parkermake server hostname configurable master
2017-04-11 Tom Parkerpublish a boot notification
2017-04-11 Tom ParkerDon't start an access point
2017-04-11 Tom Parkersoft start the peripherals
2017-04-11 Tom Parkerturn off brownout and make install depend on compile
2017-03-03 Tom Parkermqtt transmitter
2016-11-20 Darryl BondAdd reference to Wiki page
2016-05-01 Darryl BondAdded how to control relay and beeper to doco
2016-05-01 Darryl BondAdded control of beeper and relay using web server
2016-04-30 Darryl BondAdded how to use ESP8266
2016-04-30 Darryl BondWorking modbus reads and web server.
2016-04-29 Darryl BondSSID
2016-04-29 Darryl BondInclude for your SSID
2016-04-29 Darryl BondInitial Modbus master code from SimpleModbusNG
2016-04-29 Darryl BondFixed formatting
2016-04-29 Darryl BondUpdated powerdown timer
2016-04-29 Darryl BondMoved the STC15 files to a subdirectory blackboard...
2016-04-28 Darryl BondSupport for powering off the ESP8266 via modbus
2016-04-22 Darryl BondMake the buttons latch, master has to unlatch the register
2016-04-22 Darryl BondButtons work now
2016-04-22 Darryl BondAll working, but the buttons
2016-04-22 Darryl BondAdded errors to the registers
2016-04-22 Darryl BondEdited README
2016-04-22 Darryl BondUpdated README
2016-04-21 Darryl Bondprotocol.h for inclusion into any modbus programs talki...
2016-04-21 Darryl BondWorking modbus with the ability to operate the relay
2016-04-04 Darryl BondAdded a google translated to English header file (STC15...
2016-03-24 Darryl BondAdded a Makefile and updated the README on how to use
2016-01-06 qalexCreate
2016-01-06 alexinitial