2015-01-02 Tom Parkerexpose erase command master
2015-01-01 Tom Parkeradd function to write a value from the alphabet
2015-01-01 Tom Parkerbetter output
2014-12-31 Tom Parkeradditionally print in comprehensible hexdump
2014-12-31 Tom Parkerre-arrange
2014-08-11 Tom Parkerneedle substantially higher, probably good for mini...
2014-08-11 Tom Parkerno obvious difference, maybe slightly higher?
2014-08-11 Tom Parkerall dashes on display, needle doesn't move
2014-08-11 Tom Parkerprint binary of alphabet and also the unknown value
2014-08-11 Tom Parkerreduced needle position, 94km/h indicated at 100km...
2014-08-11 Tom Parkerlooking for maximum speed adjustment, changed 180 to...
2014-08-11 Tom Parkertake file on command line
2014-08-11 Tom Parkerminor refactor of reformat
2014-08-10 Tom Parkeradded data used in analysis
2014-08-10 Tom Parkeradd hexdump package (public domain from https://pypi...
2014-08-10 Tom Parkermostly decode into actual value
2014-08-10 Tom Parkervalues are actually inverted!
2014-08-10 Tom Parkeradd longer delays, hopefully to stop corruption?
2014-08-10 Tom Parkerrelease the output pins after we've finished so the...
2014-08-09 Tom Parkerwrite starting point image
2014-08-09 Tom Parkerstart of work to write data
2014-08-09 Tom Parker190090km read from unmodified odometer
2014-08-09 Tom Parkeradd support to automatically send pulses and re-read...
2014-08-09 Tom Parkerfunction to dump a range to a file
2014-08-09 Tom Parkerprogramattic read
2014-08-08 Tom Parkerstart of program to excercise eeprom
2014-08-08 Tom Parker------
2014-08-08 Tom Parker188879
2014-08-08 Tom Parker188879
2014-08-08 Tom Parker188879
2014-08-08 Tom Parker188879
2014-08-08 Tom Parker188879
2014-08-08 Tom Parker188879
2014-08-08 Tom Parker188879
2014-08-08 Tom Parker188879
2014-08-08 Tom Parker198879
2014-08-08 Tom Parkerprint in hex
2014-08-08 Tom Parkerturns out that extra value is a 1?
2014-08-08 Tom Parkerremove a bunch of debug
2014-08-08 Tom Parkerpart doesn't seem to send a zero before the real data
2014-08-08 Tom Parkercheck output not input!
2014-08-08 Tom Parkerworking!
2014-08-08 Tom Parkerreading more data
2014-08-08 Tom Parkerwrite almost works
2014-08-08 Tom Parkerbetter debug
2014-08-07 Tom Parkersending some commands, still doesn't work
2014-08-07 Tom Parkermore data and updated bin for fixed decoding
2014-08-07 Tom Parkeradd support for write opcode and partial support for...
2014-08-07 Tom Parkerread emits a zero before it emits data
2014-08-07 Tom Parkercorrect mask
2014-08-07 Tom Parkereven better debug
2014-08-07 Tom Parkerlook for a clock edge to find the start bit
2014-08-07 Tom Parkergo to invalid state on invalid opcode
2014-08-07 Tom Parkerbetter debug output
2014-08-07 Tom Parkerdon't increment while we're waiting for chip select
2014-08-06 Tom Parkerinitial cut of write command
2014-08-06 Tom Parkerfix protocol and remove sniffer code
2014-08-06 Tom Parkerdecode the broken rom
2014-08-06 Tom Parkerdecoding to a file!
2014-08-06 Tom Parkerdecoding reads!
2014-08-06 Tom Parkerimproved opcode coding
2014-08-06 Tom Parkerwip
2014-08-06 Tom Parkerwip
2014-08-06 Tom Parkerstart of decoder for csv format
2014-08-06 Tom Parkerdata from open logic sniffer from working and broken...
2014-08-06 Tom Parkerdump the whole rom (actually this just wiped it)
2014-07-21 Tom Parkertry driving the thing
2014-07-21 Tom Parkertry to catch address, doesn't actually work
2014-07-21 Tom Parkerwip
2014-07-21 Tom Parkerwip
2014-07-21 Tom Parkerwip
2014-07-20 Tom Parkerwip
2014-07-20 Tom Parkerwip