2013-09-29 Tom Parkerrenamed some files master
2013-09-29 Tom Parkerdon't throw an error if we have double relay doesn...
2013-09-29 Tom Parkermake latch work properly
2013-09-28 Tom Parkerclear the error if relay 2 is ok
2013-09-28 Tom Parkerturn off outputs before enabling them
2013-09-28 Tom Parkerupdate to kepler and move sdcc install path to /opt...
2013-09-28 Tom Parkerfix eclipse project name
2013-08-26 Tom Parkeradd fast cycle mode
2013-08-26 Tom Parkeradd write target
2013-08-26 Tom Parkerfix logic inversion in oneShot input
2013-08-25 Tom Parkerextract relay quiesce time into constant
2013-08-25 Tom Parkercheck for a fault before going to sleep
2013-08-25 Tom Parkersense inputs are inverted due to pull ups and npn optoc...
2013-08-25 Tom Parkerclear alarm if alarm condition has gone away
2013-08-25 Tom Parkerensure outputs are sensible on startup
2013-08-25 Tom Parkerfix up programmer connections
2013-08-25 Tom Parkerupdated pin configuration to match schematic
2013-08-24 Tom Parkerfix up optocoupler to cpu circuit and name some parts
2013-08-24 Tom Parkermore updates
2013-08-24 Tom Parkerfix mosfets and add extra bypass capacitor
2013-08-24 Tom Parkersimplified layout
2013-08-24 Tom Parkerschematic progress
2013-08-24 Tom Parkerstarted converting circuit to digital control
2013-08-24 Tom Parkerfirst cut of schematic, timers probably don't work
2013-08-24 Tom Parkermoved c sourcecode to src/main/c directory
2013-08-23 Tom Parkerfirst cut
2013-08-22 Tom Parkerhello world