2017-09-03 Tom Parkerdecode some of 0x390 -- charger messages master
2017-07-21 Tom Parkerdecode battery temperature and capacity loss bars
2017-02-12 Tom Parkerplay at full speed
2017-02-06 Tom Parkertool to convert from pcap to cansend binary format
2017-02-06 Tom Parkersimple histogram tool
2017-02-04 Tom Parkerverify checksum based on https://github.com/collin80...
2017-02-04 Tom Parkeradd gen2 remote heating
2017-01-26 Tom Parkersimple print out the state utility
2017-01-19 Tom Parkerchange speed factor and show some ratios
2017-01-19 Tom ParkerGen 2 Remote heating
2017-01-12 Tom Parkeradd more climate control fields
2017-01-08 Tom Parkerremove the distance fields from the abs frame as these...
2017-01-08 Tom Parkerfix up speed calculations
2017-01-02 Tom Parkerclimate control 4
2017-01-02 Tom ParkerEvaporator temperature signal
2017-01-02 Tom Parkerdecode CC2Status
2016-12-30 Tom Parkerdecode motor speed
2016-09-09 Tom Parkeradd LBC tag to data from mynissanleaf.com/viewtopic...
2016-06-04 Tom Parkeradd to ambient temperature decoding
2016-06-04 Tom Parkeradd partial support for 0x380 QC Controls
2016-05-31 Tom Parkerdecode (some) motor data
2016-05-30 Tom Parkerfan voltage is unsigned
2016-05-30 Tom Parkerdecode more of Climiate Control 2 aka 0x54b
2016-05-30 Tom Parkerrename climate control status
2016-05-30 Tom Parkerrenumber climate control
2016-05-29 Tom Parkerclimate control intake temperature
2016-05-29 Tom Parkeradd some more QC charger states
2016-04-30 Tom Parkerdecode vcm mode in 0x1f2
2016-04-30 Tom Parkerdecode 0x54c Climate Control
2016-04-30 Tom Parkerdecode a possible battery temperature in 0x5bc
2016-04-17 Tom Parkerdecode 5bf byte 1 as a possible line voltage as seen...
2016-04-17 Tom Parkeradd car driving to 0x5bf OBC status decoder
2016-04-17 Tom Parker0x5bf byte 2 is actually the j1772 pwm signal from...
2016-04-17 Tom Parkerdecode 0x55b state of charge
2016-04-17 Tom Parkerdecode 0x284 inverter temperatures
2016-04-17 Tom Parkerdecode 0x284 wheel speeds relayed from ABS
2016-04-17 Tom Parkerdecode 0x5b9 carwings data
2016-04-17 Tom Parkermore charger states
2016-03-27 Tom Parkermore decoding of charger status
2016-03-21 Tom Parkerbetter name
2016-03-20 Tom Parkerhandle negative current correctly
2016-03-20 Tom Parkerconverter from csv to pcap
2016-03-20 Tom Parkeradd decoder for carwings status
2016-03-19 Tom Parkeradded basic documentation
2016-03-19 Tom Parkerstart decoding charger status
2016-03-19 Tom Parkerconvert carwings command to add_packet_field
2016-03-19 Tom Parkerconvert V/A to add_packet_field
2016-03-19 Tom Parkerconvert gids to add_packet_field
2016-03-19 Tom Parkerdecode carwings command
2016-03-19 Tom Parkeradd decoding of GIDS from Available Charge Signal
2016-03-19 Tom Parkeradd script to fix the id in the pcaps
2016-03-15 Tom Parkeradd decode for battery voltage and current
2016-03-15 Tom Parkerinitial dissector