2017-09-15 Tom Parkeradd temperature from multiplex group master
2017-09-15 Tom Parkergive each message a unique name
2017-05-30 Tom Parkerget the python executable from the environment
2017-03-25 Tom Parkerrefactor
2017-03-25 Tom Parkerrefactor
2017-03-25 Tom Parkeradd 5bc Mux 2
2017-03-25 Tom Parkerrename 0x5bc mux 1
2017-03-24 Tom Parkeradd some commented out experiments
2017-03-24 Tom Parkernew mux values from white car
2017-03-16 Tom Parkerdecode some more mux values that my car shows
2017-03-14 Tom Parkerdecode 1dc Muxed fields
2017-03-14 Tom Parkerprint heading
2017-03-12 Tom Parkercapacity bars mux value is only 4 bits
2017-03-12 Tom Parkerupper case hex is required by Kayak
2017-03-12 Tom Parkermove notes first to comply with schema
2017-03-11 Tom Parkerdecode the mux in 0x5c0 and the temperature
2017-03-11 Tom Parkerdecode the Capacity Bars from the mux in 0x5bc
2017-03-11 Tom Parkeradd replace function to make modifications easier
2017-03-11 Tom Parkerprint which frame had a checksum failure
2017-02-13 Tom Parkerdon't hard-code the frames with checksums in too many...
2017-02-13 Tom Parkerremove debug
2017-02-13 Tom Parkerupdate the checksum in the right place so it gets sent
2017-02-12 Tom Parkercalculate checksum on outgoing frames
2017-02-12 Tom Parkerinstructions
2017-02-12 Tom Parkerrename variable
2017-02-12 Tom Parkerimpersonate all the nodes
2017-02-04 Tom Parkercorrect node for the ABS message
2017-01-31 Tom Parkeridentify calculate and verify checksums on frames 0x1db...
2017-01-31 Tom Parkerexpose the raw frame
2017-01-31 Tom Parkerdecode what might be the Li-ion battery gradual capacit...
2017-01-30 Tom Parkeroptionally dump the kcd configuration
2017-01-29 Tom Parkeradd wheel speed
2017-01-29 Tom Parkerhack for better display of unknown fields
2017-01-29 Tom Parkerbetter padding for negative numbers
2017-01-29 Tom Parkerinclude padding for negative sign
2017-01-29 Tom Parkershow sent and received
2017-01-29 Tom Parkerstop display jumping
2017-01-29 Tom Parkerbetter output format
2017-01-29 Tom Parkerfixed up endianess
2017-01-29 Tom ParkerFix up current and voltage
2017-01-29 Tom Parkerinitial commit