2014-03-13 Tom Parkerhack to write the new image before we customize master
2014-03-13 Tom Parkerfor some reason 13.3.0 for XO-4, customized (build...
2014-03-13 Tom Parkerremove maori translation update as it's now included
2013-10-27 Tom Parkeradd extra activities
2013-10-27 Tom Parkeradd script to make usb for nz
2013-10-27 Tom Parkerremove system language as it's in the build
2013-07-08 Tom Parkeradd maori language pack
2013-07-07 Tom Parkeruse correct way of setting defaults for olpc-configure
2013-07-07 Tom Parkerdon't copy the maori language as it's included in build 49
2013-07-06 Tom Parkermaori keyboard
2013-07-06 Tom Parkeractually copy the maori system language!
2013-07-06 Tom Parkermaori system language
2013-07-06 Tom Parkerhack olpc-configure as well
2013-07-06 Tom Parkerset the other timezone
2013-07-06 Tom Parkercorrect sed command
2013-07-06 Tom Parkercorrect name of localization file
2013-07-06 Tom Parkercustomization scripts
2013-07-05 Tom Parkersupport for XO-4 Touch
2013-07-05 Tom Parkerslightly better error message if XO is unsupported
2013-07-05 Tom Parkersupport for XO-4 HS Touch
2013-07-01 James CameronHOWTO.xo-custom
2013-07-01 James CameronHOWTO.xo-custom
2013-06-27 mavrothalInform the user about the GUI login option
2013-06-25 James Cameronnew release
2013-06-25 James CameronHOWTO, kick builder version, change likely device name...
2013-06-25 James Cameronudevadm settle, use --quiet instead of redirect
2013-06-25 James Cameronkick version
2013-06-25 James Cameronmove contributors beyond license, add contributor list
2013-06-25 James Cameronxo-custom: fix permission denied during boot
2013-06-25 mavrothalWorkaround for inconstant GUI X start in XO-1.5
2013-06-25 mavrothalDo not hard-code "tc" user
2013-06-25 James Cameronreview comments for customisation stick port
2013-06-25 Jerry VonauPort of OLPC customization stick
2013-06-25 Jerry VonauPort of OLPC customization stick
2013-06-18 mavrothalImprove GUI for ARM XOs
2013-06-18 mavrothalOption to build GUI for ARM XOs
2013-06-11 mavrothalMake tce "think" we run a TC kernel, GUI independent
2013-06-11 mavrothalcorrect --with-X case
2013-06-11 James CameronAdd compatibility with very old firmware versions
2013-06-11 James Cameronkick version
2013-06-11 mavrothalReplace openbox with flwm
2013-06-11 mavrothalAdd timezone information
2013-06-11 mavrothalProvide some feedback when loading the tcz extensions
2013-06-11 mavrothalClean up and modify the GUI tcz list
2013-06-11 mavrothalFix gamekeys. Move GUI mods at the end of the initrd...
2013-06-11 mavrothalCheck for GUI after all arguments have been processed
2013-06-11 mavrothalDefine TREE to add "tell serial shell user we are ready"
2013-06-07 James Cameronsimplify use of patch
2013-06-07 James Cameronstart with lower case letter, as it is still part of...
2013-06-07 James Cameronreword gui warning
2013-06-07 mavrothalExit if we try to build a GUI when not available. Warn...
2013-06-07 mavrothalPatch tce-load to recognize out '_a.tcz' extensions...
2013-06-07 mavrothalProvide feedback during tcz downloads
2013-06-07 mavrothalRemove kernel reference from all extensions in cde...
2013-06-05 James Cameronreview, fix indentation, by rewriting this sequence
2013-06-05 James Cameronreview, revert a change that would not work on --none...
2013-06-05 James Cameronreview, fix indentation again
2013-06-05 mavrothalMake tce think we are armv6
2013-06-05 mavrothalRemove kernel reference from all extensions in cde
2013-06-05 mavrothalPower management extension for the x86 XOs
2013-06-05 mavrothalMove XO-1.5 xorg.conf setup to the xf86-video-chrome.tcz
2013-06-05 mavrothalRepo for XO-specific TCZs
2013-06-05 James Cameronkick version
2013-06-05 James, serial support, tell user to hit enter
2013-06-05 James, simplify network startup
2013-06-05 James, add consistent spacing
2013-06-05 James Camerondocument variable naming convention
2013-06-05 James Camerontidy message output
2013-06-05 James Cameronfix serial console shell
2013-06-05 James Cameronfix spelling of upstream
2013-06-05 James Cameronxo-revert, accept additional options and pass to rsync
2013-06-05 James Cameronxo-server, obtain the ip address from any available...
2013-06-04 James Cameronkick version number
2013-06-04 James Cameronfix get_initrd, it was using wrong patch when --cache...
2013-06-04 James Cameronadd missing default for new option
2013-06-04 James Cameronmove TCZLOC out of user options into configuration...
2013-06-04 James Cameronmore tabs to spaces
2013-06-04 James Cameronsimplify x86 packages fetch
2013-06-04 James Cameronsimplify logic for initrd fetch
2013-06-04 James Cameronreview, fix indentation and tabs
2013-06-04 mavrothalAdd sound support. Pretty the GUI. Hide our kernel...
2013-06-04 mavrothalAdd the option to build a system with a GUI (XO-1 and...
2013-06-04 mavrothalCopy only the TC extensions we actually use (we may...
2013-06-04 mavrothalGet TC extensions only only for the architecture we...
2013-06-04 mavrothalmove CMDLINE after the run options (otherwise KERCMDLIN...
2013-06-04 mavrothalCopy the correct ARM extensions to cde
2013-06-04 mavrothalDefault to CACHE=no
2013-06-04 mavrothalCheck also the Tinicore linux files when running with...
2013-06-01 James Cameronkick version
2013-06-01 James Cameronrewrite usage, deprecate --no-$MODEL style options
2013-06-01 James Cameronimprove readability by using variables in commands...
2013-06-01 James Cameronstyle consistency, use $( ) rather than backtick
2013-06-01 James Cameronfix indenting and wrap commands greater than standard...
2013-06-01 mavrothalCorrect --colour information
2013-06-01 mavrothalWe now default to tczloc in initrd. We do not need...
2013-06-01 mavrothalWarn if tczloc and essid are given without values
2013-05-31 James Cameronfix colour of essid message, remove comment after verif...
2013-05-31 James Cameronterminology, directory not folder
2013-05-31 James Cameronswitch upstream build and kernel versions
2013-05-31 James Cameronpreload rsync cache in case system does not have versio...