2015-09-21 Tom Parkertwo channels master
2015-09-21 Tom Parkerpull state into struct in preparation for two channels
2015-05-06 Tom Parkerbetter timeout
2015-05-03 Tom Parkerswitch to using paho.mqtt.client
2015-05-02 Tom Parkerfix up spacing
2015-05-02 Tom Parkerremvoe unused imports
2015-05-02 Tom Parkerhow did this ever work?
2015-05-02 Tom Parkeruse a session so we reuse the tcp and tls connection
2015-04-19 Tom Parkerfill all gaps with zeros, not just between zeros
2015-04-19 Tom Parkerbetter synthesis of 0 data
2015-04-19 Tom Parkersynthesize zeros from the run length encoding
2015-04-19 Tom Parkeroptional argument to skip some of the file
2015-04-19 Tom Parkerdon't specify a client name
2015-04-19 Tom Parkermake server url configurable
2015-04-19 Tom Parkertake command line arguments
2015-04-19 Tom Parkerconvert to use requests
2015-04-19 Tom Parkeradd an old bulk load script
2015-04-19 Tom Parkerchnage to using requests rather than httplib
2015-04-18 Tom Parkerminor tidyup
2015-04-18 Tom Parkeruse loop_forever
2015-04-18 Tom Parkerdon't publish changed powers twice
2015-04-12 Tom Parkerrun length encode hot water data
2015-04-05 Tom Parkeradd support for hot water frame 001
2015-03-19 Tom ParkerMerge branch 'master' of /var/www/carrott.org/_git...
2015-03-19 Tom Parkerrestore original CAN bus reciever and update for new...
2015-03-19 Tom Parkeruse can bus to send data
2015-03-16 Tom Parkerrename so arduino likes it
2015-03-16 Tom Parkersimple arduino sketch
2015-03-16 Tom Parkertry to find a serial port
2015-01-01 Tom Parkeradded indication of most recent power
2014-07-13 Tom Parkerdon't alert when things fail
2014-07-13 Tom Parkerchange defaults
2014-07-13 Tom Parkerupdate for arduino via serial port, will revert when...
2014-07-13 Tom Parkerupdate for something? new python maybe?
2013-10-12 Tom Parkergeneralize so we work with more than one data source
2013-10-12 Tom Parkerget topic name from config file
2013-10-12 Tom Parkersend power data to mosquitto
2013-10-12 Tom Parkervarious changes including changing from 800 to 1000...
2013-10-12 Tom Parkeradd mosquitto listeners for current cost to write to...
2013-10-12 Tom Parkerreturn last power unit
2013-10-11 Tom Parkerdisable alert if we don't load data
2013-02-06 Tom Parkerremove unneeded debugging
2013-02-06 Tom Parkermake phone display better and use newer flot library
2013-02-06 Tom Parkermake json (more?) valid
2011-08-21 Tom Parkeradjust default settings
2011-08-20 Tom Parkeradd hour bars
2011-08-19 Tom Parkerfix colours of lines
2011-08-17 Tom Parkerfix up timezone when requesting ranges
2011-07-30 Tom Parkerfix timezone of plots
2011-07-30 Tom Parkeruse configured number of pulses per kWh
2011-07-30 Tom Parkereven better initialization of plots
2011-07-30 Tom Parkerallow viewing total in kWh or $
2011-07-30 Tom Parkerimproved loading of overview plot
2011-07-30 Tom Parkeradd labels to min/max/avg control and add everything...
2011-07-30 Tom Parkerfix min/max transposition
2011-01-07 Tom Parkerstyle and typo
2011-01-07 Tom Parkerdon't attempt to return data from the future
2011-01-07 Tom Parkeruse new style php _GET variable
2010-12-07 Tom ParkerCAN monitor for mictronics.de/projects/usb-can-bus...
2010-12-07 Tom Parkerpic18f2682 based CAN data collector
2010-09-10 Tom Parkerdo averaging on server side and always return avg/min/max
2010-09-08 Tom Parkerdifferent (better?) way of calculating average power
2010-09-08 Tom Parkerallow hiding of max min and average
2010-05-22 Tom Parkersend min & max when sending averages
2010-05-22 Tom Parkerbetter id for the main plot div
2010-05-22 Tom Parkerbetter power series variable name
2010-05-22 Tom Parkerbettery yMax behavior
2010-05-02 Tom Parkeruse relative urls
2010-04-21 Tom Parkeruse plot function in zoomToRange so we get the kWh...
2010-04-21 Tom Parkerextract zoomToRange into seperate function
2010-04-20 Tom Parkeradd week and month buttons
2010-04-20 Tom Parkeradd accumulated kWh to graph
2010-04-20 Tom Parkeruse zoomToLast for initial load
2010-04-11 Tom Parkeradded hokey limit max functionality
2010-04-07 Tom Parkeruse config.php
2010-04-07 Tom Parkeradd last hour and last day buttons
2010-04-07 Tom Parkerremove debug
2010-04-07 Tom Parkerremove unused stylesheet
2010-04-07 Tom Parkerphp based powermeter web console