2016-05-08 Tom Parkermake theremostatIndex global for use in other functions master
2015-12-18 Tom Parkeradd are you sure prompt
2015-12-18 Tom Parkeradd missing semicolon
2015-11-30 Tom Parkerset correct cache-control headers
2015-11-30 Tom Parkertidy up debug
2015-11-29 Tom Parkerinclude the current value in the data
2015-11-29 Tom Parkerswitch to compressed html and json data in separate...
2015-11-29 Tom Parkerextract thermostatindex from url
2015-11-29 Tom Parkerload data from data json
2015-11-29 Tom Parkerfirst step to immutable html
2015-11-28 Tom Parkerimplement door sensor
2015-11-27 Tom Parkerfix
2015-11-27 Tom Parkergenerate credentials.h
2015-11-27 Tom Parkershow initial door status
2015-11-26 Tom Parkerincrease the number of commands available
2015-11-25 Tom Parkerget credentials from a separate (not checked in) file
2015-11-25 Tom Parkermove middle to file
2015-11-24 Tom Parkerremove replaced html work
2015-11-24 Tom Parkermove the rest of the logic to python
2015-11-24 Tom Parkermove most of the logic from shell script to python
2015-11-24 Tom Parkerbetter factoring of variable name in includes
2015-11-24 Tom Parkeradd number of thermostat to title after loading
2015-11-24 Tom Parkermove end part to separate file for easier editing
2015-11-24 Tom Parkerdrop index.html to a separate file and gzip
2015-11-24 Tom Parkerconvert html to include file and gzip
2015-11-24 Tom Parkerwelcome page for the door
2015-11-24 Tom Parkerinitial cut of door command
2015-11-24 Tom Parkeruse 115200 buad for debug
2015-11-24 Tom Parkeradd third thermostat to front page
2014-11-04 Tom Parkersupport multiple channels in /text
2014-08-24 Tom Parkerwe don't need the sensor pin in the in-memory data...
2014-08-24 Tom Parkeruse new rather than static initialization
2014-08-24 Tom Parkeradd a 3rd thermostat
2014-08-23 Tom Parkermove boost logic to the right place
2014-06-29 Tom Parkeradjust pins
2014-06-02 Tom Parkerdisplay boost time remaining
2014-06-02 Tom Parkerget flot from cloudflare and use minified version
2014-06-02 Tom Parkermore sensible default credentials
2014-06-02 Tom Parkeradd time limit for boost
2014-06-02 Tom Parkermake graph scale more robust
2014-06-02 Tom Parkerfix graph scale, thanks ed
2014-06-02 Tom Parkerchange default pin for second relay
2013-05-12 Tom Parkeradd boost command
2013-05-12 Tom Parkerremove scheme from absolute urls
2013-05-12 Tom Parkercomment out debug code to save space
2012-08-18 Tom Parkerprint NaN to serial console for temperature
2012-08-18 Tom Parkerwork around some sort of NAN float bug where dht return...
2012-08-18 Tom Parkerput an NaN in on startup to create a discontinuity...
2012-08-18 Tom Parkerstore NaN in eeprom and create discontinuity in graph
2012-08-18 Tom Parkerprint NaN for invalid humidity too
2012-08-18 Tom Parkeruse endl instead of \n
2012-08-18 Tom Parkerpull post and credential check into function
2012-08-18 Tom Parkermake javascript slightly smaller
2012-08-11 Tom Parkerdeal with NaN from the temperature sensor
2012-08-11 Tom Parkeravoid overflow in the eeprom
2012-08-11 Tom Parkerchange order of mode enum
2012-08-11 Tom Parkeruse streaming library
2012-08-04 Tom Parkersimple index page
2012-08-04 Tom Parkerobtain the thermostat index from a parameter
2012-08-04 Tom Parkerincrement historyIndex in setup so we don't loose the...
2012-08-04 Tom Parkers and t don't take arguments
2012-08-04 Tom Parkeronly update hisotryIndex once for each run through...
2012-08-04 Tom Parkermake store have the same interface as get
2012-08-04 Tom Parkermake order of operations explicit
2012-08-04 Tom Parkerfix up location of humidity data
2012-07-29 Tom Parkerinitial support for two thermostats
2012-07-29 Tom Parkerinitial support for two thermostats
2012-07-29 Tom Parkercheck for NaN when deciding if the target temperature...
2012-07-29 Tom Parkerdefault to off if EEPROM data is out of range
2012-07-28 Tom Parkerbetter serial state monitoring
2012-07-28 Tom Parkeruse jquery resize
2012-07-28 Tom Parkerextract heater control into interface
2012-07-28 Tom Parkerstart abstracting sensor data interface
2012-07-28 Tom Parkerrequire a password for posts
2012-07-28 Tom Parkerpresent graph with newest data on right
2012-07-26 Tom Parkeroffset graph by current time and don't forget to increm...
2012-07-25 Tom Parkermove range checking to setTargetTemperature()/getTarget...
2012-07-25 Tom Parkerstore target temperature in eeprom
2012-07-25 Tom Parkerstore mode in eeprom
2012-07-25 Tom Parkeruse setter for mode
2012-07-25 Tom Parkerstore mode in enum
2012-07-25 Tom Parkerabstract EEPROM data logging
2012-07-25 Tom Parkerstore data in eeprom, plot with flot
2012-07-24 Tom Parkerreplace setCmd with upCmd and downCmd
2012-07-24 Tom Parkercheck that on/off/auto is by post
2012-07-24 Tom Parkerbetter webpage and stuff to test and convert to C source
2012-07-22 Tom Parkeradd no-cache headers
2012-07-22 Tom Parkermove to /t prefix and improve form
2012-07-21 Tom Parkerupdated to use WebServer library and allow control...
2012-07-21 Tom Parkerthermostat