2015-11-07 Tom Parkermake stencil smaller master
2015-11-07 Tom Parkergear stencil based on
2015-04-27 Tom Parkerrather than bolting through, use offset screws
2015-04-27 Tom Parkerscale up countersink and switch to hex
2015-02-06 Tom Parkerremove failed shaft couplers
2015-02-06 Tom Parkerevision hmi shaft coupling
2015-02-06 Tom Parkermodifications
2015-02-06 Tom Parkeradd
2015-02-06 Tom Parkercoupling from
2015-02-06 Tom Parkerremove parts that aren't used
2015-02-06 Tom Parkeruse MCAD/nuts_and_bolts to make nut holes
2015-02-06 Tom Parkerchange line endings
2015-02-06 Tom Parkeradded
2015-02-06 Tom Parkermake spacer thicker to clear dashboard
2015-02-06 Tom Parkerflatten edge of spacer to clear dashboard
2015-02-05 Tom Parkerwall thickness was actually 1, due to using diameter...
2015-02-05 Tom Parkeradd top mark and rotate everything to the correct angle
2015-02-05 Tom Parkerfix cutout (it got messed up in d9cc3d5324caa2a4a09dfba...
2015-02-05 Tom Parkeradjust after prototype
2015-02-04 Tom Parkeradded cable entries
2015-02-04 Tom Parkercountersink screws
2015-02-04 Tom Parkertypo
2015-02-03 Tom Parkerbackshell work in progress
2015-02-03 Tom Parkerparameterize height
2015-02-03 Tom Parkerparameterize outside diameter
2015-02-03 Tom Parkerbuild part the right way up, flip for printing
2015-02-03 Tom Parkerextract ring as reusable module
2015-02-03 Tom Parkerextract mount holes as a separate module
2015-02-03 Tom Parkerpart idiom
2015-02-03 Tom Parkerrefactored
2015-02-01 Tom Parkerthinner!!
2015-02-01 Tom Parkeradd cutout for screws on the mounting face
2015-02-01 Tom Parkerevision hmi module spacer
2015-01-19 Tom Parkeradd round countersink for screw side
2015-01-18 Tom Parkerfix up copyright header
2015-01-16 Tom Parkermake hole positions more parameterized
2015-01-16 Tom Parkerallow room for a captive nut in the countersink
2015-01-15 Tom Parkermove slightly closer together
2015-01-13 Tom Parkertoo big, make a little smaller
2015-01-13 Tom Parkermore facets
2015-01-13 Tom Parkeruse part idiom to make mirror images
2015-01-13 Tom Parkermake bigger to fit filters in their frames
2015-01-13 Tom Parkerput ring flush on the front for better printing
2015-01-13 Tom Parkersteampumk googles from
2015-01-10 Tom Parkerdon't put holes int he pegs, put holes elsewhere
2015-01-10 Tom Parkerrestore correct thickness
2015-01-10 Tom Parkerchange peg chop to 1mm and hack things up a little...
2015-01-09 Tom Parkeradjust hole positions
2015-01-09 Tom Parkerchop sides of pegs for better fit
2015-01-09 Tom Parkeradjust hole positions more
2015-01-09 Tom Parkercloser to the right places
2015-01-09 Tom Parkermeasure an actual switch and add a hole for the locatin...
2015-01-09 Tom Parkeradjust hole positions
2015-01-09 Tom Parkeradd additional countersink depth and reduce size for...
2015-01-09 Tom Parkeroops use diameter not radius
2015-01-09 Tom Parkerpan head instead of countersunk screws
2015-01-09 Tom Parkermake one piece
2015-01-09 Tom Parkerfirst cut of drawer slide
2015-01-03 Tom Parkersimplify internal structure for faster printing
2015-01-03 Tom Parkeradjust positions of speedo mount holes
2015-01-03 Tom Parkeruse part idom to specify which piece to make
2014-12-31 Tom Parkerrotate so it prints as-is
2014-12-31 Tom Parkeradded a switch bracket for the light switch
2014-12-27 Tom Parkeradded part idom for the different pieces
2014-12-27 Tom Parkeradd mirror for the other side
2014-12-26 Tom Parkeradjustments
2014-12-26 Tom Parkeradjustments
2014-12-26 Tom ParkerRamps Case modified sides for DiamondMind
2014-12-26 Tom Parkerbetter layout
2014-12-26 Tom Parkeradd solids, doesn't actually work
2014-12-26 Tom Parkeradjust for my lamp base
2014-12-25 Tom Parkerextracted positive of lamp base into module, removed...
2014-12-25 Tom Parkeradd license description
2014-12-25 Tom Parkerunmodified by http://www...
2014-12-23 Tom Parkeractual measurements
2014-12-07 Tom Parkermake plate thinner to avoid needing longer screws
2014-12-03 Tom Parkermove in the right direction?
2014-12-01 Tom Parkermove 1mm more to the right
2014-11-27 Tom Parkerfix overhang
2014-11-25 Tom Parkerbetter transition from cube to ring
2014-11-25 Tom Parkerinitial key design
2014-11-17 Tom Parkeroops moved too far due to dropped - sign :(
2014-11-16 Tom Parkermove 1mm to the left
2014-11-16 Tom Parkerprevious commit actually moved up, not down! Move 1mm...
2014-11-16 Tom Parkermove down 1mm
2014-08-16 Tom Parkermove speedo face 1.5mm back to allow more light in
2014-08-03 Tom Parkerput join holes in better places
2014-08-03 Tom Parkermove right left and down, this is the correct place
2014-08-03 Tom Parkermove up and right
2014-08-02 Tom Parkermove up
2014-08-02 Tom Parkermoved 3mm down instead of up
2014-08-02 Tom Parkertoo low by about 3mm, too right by about 1mm
2014-08-02 Tom Parkermove in the right direction
2014-07-27 Tom Parkermove in the right direction
2014-07-27 Tom Parkermove speedometer center to correctly position face
2014-07-27 Tom Parkeradjust position of one of the speedometer holes
2014-07-27 Tom Parkermake mounting screw holes tighter
2014-06-26 Tom Parkeradd a bevel on the big clip for easier insertion
2014-06-26 Tom Parkeradded copyright
2014-06-26 Tom Parkermake hole go all the way through