New Zealand Suppliers

I have spent the last year or so doing stuff to my Mini. This involved looking for various parts and services and I have had trouble locating sources for some items, so I decided to write this page. Most of it is my own personal experiance and is therefore biased towards Auckland. I will add to this list occasionally, so it is worth comming back. If I have a phone number or address in front of me then I will include it, otherwise use the White Pages. If you have any information about these or other supliers then please email me.



Mini Services

Murrey Lockie runs this small business out of a shed on his farm in Kumeu, about 20 minutes north of Auckland. He has many new parts including body panels, trim, engine, gearbox and aftermarket performance parts. He imports stuff directly from England, and is either an agent of or good buddies with Mini Spares. He is also an engine reconditioner and has a reconditioning shop in the city. Prices are good, and Murrey is very friendly and is a member of the Mini Car Club of Auckland. Phone (09) 411 7354

Strong Bros

Strongs do mechanical work, sell parts and also wreck mini's. They have EVERYTHING for a standard car but their prices tend to be on the high side. They have a bad reputation, I can say that apart from the high prices and their less than friendly attitude (especially when you don't know them) I have had no problems. However, I have never bought anything major from them, nor had any work done by them. They have a branch on Diana drive on the shore and they have another one on Great South road in Penrose but they call this one "Able Parts Connection". They don't have many performace parts. The north shore branch in only in the White Pages at the moment. There is a 10% discount for Mini Car Club of Auckland members. 710 Great South Rd, Penrose, Auckland. (09) 579 3111.


Have most gaskets and seals. Spark plugs, oil, filters, break shoes and pads, ball joints, hoses, carb overhaul kits etc... Don't forget they have a 10% student discount.


Similar to Appco, but have bigger showrooms with more tools and accessories but possibly less parts. Apparently they own Appco now. Repco have the genuine Sykes flywheel puller (NZ$100 when I got mine), the smaller, cheaper puller they have is too small for the mini. They also have a set of brake adjusting spanners from sykes for $100, It includes about 5 spanners for different cars. If they sold the Mini sized spanner for $20 I would buy it, but they only sell the set, AFAIK.


It might sound strange, but the Rover parts department have or can get everything for a mini. Some items are very cheap (Strongs have been known to sell the exact same part for twice the price), others are very expensive. It helps to have a part number but they do have microfiche containing drawings and part numbers. Contact Rover City in Parnell, they can also sell you a new Mini.

Amos Autos

BMC car wrecker. Range of second hand and some new parts. May do mechanical work. Prices reasonable.

Trade Tools

Tool shop. They had a 1/8 NTP tap and the drill to go with it. They could also identify my tempreture sender's thread and tell the difference between 1/8 BSP and 1/8 NTP. Located at the bottom of Nelson Street, they claim to be the best for cutting tools.

Herb Morgan Tyres

Tyre shop. Last time I went there they had Bridgestone 165/70x10 tyres for $92 each, including fitting, balancing and GST. 84 Onehunga Mall Phone (09) 636 6009

Johnsons Piston Rings

Can supply a set of rings for Powermax 73.5mm pistons with a chrome top ring. My set cost $73 including GST, but I might have got mate's rates... Located at 918 Great South Rd, Penrose. Phone 09 579 7219.


No experiance with them, they have Mini race equipment among other things.

Green Lane Speed Shop

If it goes on a V8 then they have it. Prices semi reasonable. I got a fuel pressure regulator and some exhaust wrap from them. They are actually in Penrose, not Green Lane.


Deal in brakes (and maybe more). They have a range of brake fittings among other things. I got a fitting to join two metric threaded brake pipes together.

Autoquip Marketing

Supplier of Dellorto and Weber tuning and overhaul parts. They are inside Segdens shop 381-385 Dominion Rd. Phone (09) 630 0944

Weber Specs

No experiance, supposed to be good with Webers

Steward Motors

Dyno Tuners. Not very friendly. Does a good job. Located in Howick.

Machine Part Welding

Welding and general machining. Highly respected. Located on the Great South Rd.

Fletcher Steel

Located on Great South road they will sell you small or large sections of steel plate, rod, box section and angle iron.

Mico Metals

Will sell you aluminium sheet and plate and probably other shapes. Not totally sure of the name, certainly Fletcher only sell really expensive aluminum and I went all over the place looking for someone who would sell me offcuts.


Dennis Galvin has provided the following information about Rotorua. I have no experiance with these companies.

Glen Horn Automotive

Glen is a nice guy who exports spares to pommie land?? Really knows his produce. Has a large yard fill of cars 99% BMC Pay`s to ring before visting. Gillies St, Cambridge. Phone (07) 8279121

Swift Automotive

31 Carmen St, Christchurch. Phone (03) 3497446

Angus Fogg

P.O.Box 52, Cambridge. Phone (025) 773628


9 Wikaraka, St Ngongotaha, Rotorua. Phone (07) 3572522 (24 hrs)