VTEC Power

I have got so many equiries about this car that I felt I had to put some more information up about it, if only to stop repeating myself!

Patrick built this car himself. He didn't use a kit, and there are no plans. He built the subframe around the engine and body. The subframe is a modified mini unit, and I haven't had a close look at it, but I believe it is standard from the suspension towers backwards, and custom forward of those towers.

The 1.6l motor provides 168bhp at the wheels, according to the same dyno that gave my engine 85bhp. This is a serious amount of power for a mini. The car wheel spins in first, second and even third gear with 175/50x13 tyres! Patrick is experimenting with slick tyres.

The first driveshafts were made by shortening and resplining the Honda shafts. One of these shafts sheared off in the CV joint shortly after the car was put on the road. The second set of driveshafts were made by joining the mini and honda driveshafts. However these shafts have also failed. I'm not sure if this is due to the failure of a tierod or not, nor am I sure how the replacement shafts are to be made.

Last tim I talked to Patrick he was having trouble controlling the car, and wasn't sure if it was worthwhile. I'm not sure if he has had more luck with the slick tyres, or if he is learning to get the best from the car. No doubt next time I get talking to him I will know more.

If you have any questions for Patrick then I can pass them on, but expect me to forget to ask him, or forget the question if I do ask him, and most likely forget at least some of the answer. My email address is on the main page.