These wheels are fairly common in Auckland, New Zealand. I have talked to a guy at Herb Morgan Tyres, and he knows who made them, however I forgot shortly after he told me :-/. He said they were made in Auckland and that the company that makes them is no longer in business and that Griffith Industries were an agent for them.

I have seen these wheels with centre caps named "Chevoit" (I think I spelt that worng), "Performance" and "Speedy". I don't think that the origina centre caps survive on these wheels, as none of those names fit what I remember the guy at Hurb Morgan telling me.

I have been told that they are present in Austrialia. In Auckland they are quite common, but people from the South Island are quite surprised to see so many. At one meeting, a guy was very interested in my wheels, and also in the same wheels of a friend of mines. He was shocked that she got them complete with a warrent failed mini for $200.