In September/October 2002 I went on holiday for 5 weeks.

Writing down everywhere I've visited, I'm amazed I covered so much ground, the only place that I felt I REALLY needed more time was Paris. I took the 7:20am Eurostar from London and returned on the 6:40pm. I got rather lost on the metro and only had time to do the Eiffel Tower properly and walk around about 30 degrees of the Arc de Triomphe.

I took a lot of pictures while I was on holiday, I ended up taking 46 rolls of film. I managed to loose one roll (if you have a Kodak 36 exposure with Athens, Cairo and the Egyptian Museum on it, I want it back!), and two haven't been scanned yet. The remainder are scanned rather badly.

This trip has taught me a few things about photography and provoked a rant. I seriously considered getting a digital camera, but this holiday was a somewhat sudden affair and I didn't have time for the necessary research. I took my Pentax ME Super with a Sigma 28-300mm lens.

Organising these pictures was quite a significant exercise. I've sorted them into geographical regions, but naming each image is just too daunting

Disorganised but extensive and dusty photo collection