My Mini

I have a New Zealand assembled 1981 Mini LE with a rather doubious history. Currently it is several different colours due to ongoing rust treatment. The majority of it is yellow(ish) with a black roof. The bonnet is orange and has 4 holes across the front, it has suffered a catch failure and is somewhat bent after popping up at 65km/h. It will be replace with another bonnet shortly. Why am I describing it like this? I don't have a suitable picture, you can see pictures of my car hidden around the stite. I will try and find a better picture.

Anyway, under the bonnet, this car is a little special. It has a 1380 cc engine producing around 85bhp at the wheels. I say around, because dynos are not very accurate. I have been on two different dynos within a week and the second dyno gave me 50% more power. The 85bhp figure comes from the lower reading dyno which is likely to be more accurate.

I have done a couple of quarter mile runs at the Meremere Dragstrip. I was running cold Bridgestone road tyres, with very bad technique (lots of wheelspin off the startline). I managed 15.86 seconds with an 83mph terminal speed.

I have a Dellorto DHLA45 sidedraft carburettor, a modified Kent 296 camshaft, Powermax 73.5 mm pistons on shotpiened rods, nitrided crank, and a stage 4 12g940 cyclinder head with around 10:1 compression. This engine is one of the most powerful in my Club (Mini Car Club of Auckland). It was the most powerful car at the last dyno shootout we had, although some of the more powerful cars in the club didn't turn up. Go to my engine page for more information.

Well, I'll finish the "isn't my car great" rant. For now...

I have a few pictures that are interesting, more will follow.

Dellorto DHLA 45 carburettor and long manifold
The hole necessary to fit the Dellorto
The finished firewall
Can anyone identify my wheels?