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Bellhousing outline stamped onto paper, cut up, scanned and stitched back together
Possible Adapter Plate Design -- back side plate
Possible Adapter Plate Design -- front side plate
Motor Front showing centering recess and fixing provisions
Inside of bellhousing

Connecting an 80's Mitsubishi gearbox to the motor while making the assembly small enough to fit in a mini is challenging.

See File:outlinesimple.dxf for the adapter plate outline.

I can put a 13mm plate on the front of the motor and still fit the assembly into the car. To get more clearance I had to trim the end of the gearbox where the selector rods slide. The front face of the motor is 72mm inside the bellhousing.

I've scribed the motor and gearbox to show the angle between them.

Drawings to follow.


  • Input shaft enters the motor almost all the way to the bottom of the spline
  • Is there enough strength to support the differential bearing when you remove the top of the bellhousing ring?
  • Cast or mill from stock?
  • If milling, one piece or several?
  • Don't forget to allow the water connections
  • Is the blue gearbox junk?

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