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From left to right: Motor, Controller & Charger

Electric Mini

These pages are a semi-private space for me to record information about my electric car. I realise it may not make a lot of sense right now, I'm torn between actually doing stuff and making this site understandable without an accompanying 10 minute conversation to provide the background. Sorry. You can see my current progress (or lack thereof) on my blog. You might also be interested in some Famous Electric Cars.


Controller Siemens Simovert Short
Motor Siemens 1LH5118
Battery 120 Thunder Sky LiFePo4 40Ah cells (well, as many as will fit)
Charger Manzanita Micro PFC-30
Battery Management System Tumanako EVD5
Gearbox 80's Mitsubishi, stripped down to a single speed, clutchless
Range Goal 100km

Build Blog


Adapter Plate



Charging Plug


Wiring Diagram

Ground Faulty

Throttle Pot


Rolling Resistance

Battery Choices

Weight Budget

Body Mods





Air Conditioning

Siemens Siadis



LCA2010 Presentation Proposal

Motor Mounts


Nissan Leaf OVMS


Take apart rear 10
wip.gif Change battery hold-down system in boot 40
wip.gif Mount inverter
replace rear bolts
Make better fuse mount for boot battery box 10
Repackage BMS on battery in the boot 25
wip.gif Design & fabricate front battery box and mounting system ?
wip.gif Install traction cable
Protect traction cable at entry boot
Improve hangers
Shorten cable
Make motor junction box

Take apart front 10
wip.gif Motor mounts
Talk to certifier
Weld front mount
Remake rear mount
Remake left mount

Move left brake hose 10
Clean up front subframe 40
Reassemble front 12
Paint rear welds
reassemble rear
Build battery box for rear seat
Adjust brake light switch
Check brake lights come on before regen
wip.gif Cooling System
wip.gif Improve Throttle Pedal installation. Need 2 1/4" UNF 1/4 bolt.
wip.gif Make speedo work
Put together charger control box
wip.gif Write BMS Software
Tidy up scratches in underbody paint
Locate and install Air Conditioning components
Clean & paint front subframe
Tidy up High Voltage Wiring
Select Charging Plug
Design and make Charging Plug arrangement on body
Repackage Air Conditioning inverter
Remove unnecessary gears
tick.gif Mount charger
tick.gif Sort out restraint system
tick.gif Connect direction switch
tick.gif Mount Aux Battery
tick.gif Mount contactors
tick.gif Replace tyre
tick.gif Repair puncture
tick.gif KillaCycle Down Under 2010
tick.gif LCA2010
tick.gif Bleed Brakes
tick.gif Write presentation
tick.gif Mount EVision shunt and brains
tick.gif Connect contactor box
tick.gif Tighten traction connections
tick.gif Secure traction cables
tick.gif Fabricate inverter brackets
tick.gif Charge auxiliary battery
tick.gif Redesign & fabricate motor mounts
tick.gif Improve rear battery box compression
tick.gif Pack rear battery box
tick.gif Tidy up low voltage wiring
tick.gif Reassemble and reinstall rear subframe
tick.gif Improve charging plug adapter
tick.gif Acquire 10A circuit breaker
tick.gif Acquire RCD
tick.gif Clean and paint rust above rear subframe
tick.gif Clean and paint rear battery box
tick.gif Acquire kWh meter
tick.gif Clean & paint rear subframe
tick.gif Fix EVision serial port
tick.gif Acquire Air Conditioning compressor
tick.gif Move inverter
tick.gif Connect speed signal to EVision
tick.gif Bring EVision serial port into cabin
tick.gif Mount regen sensor
tick.gif Bleed brakes
tick.gif Mount EVision in dashboard
tick.gif Install battery cover
tick.gif Mount brake master cylinder
tick.gif Make motor torque arm
tick.gif Connect handbrake
tick.gif Mount Fuse
tick.gif Mount contactor box
tick.gif Mount inverter
tick.gif Install Driveshafts
tick.gif Install motor & gearbox
tick.gif Install front subframe
tick.gif Install adjustable front suspension
tick.gif Install rear subframe
tick.gif Fabricate battery hold downs
tick.gif Fettle adapter plate
tick.gif Build gearbox
tick.gif Respline driveshafts
tick.gif Measure driveshafts
tick.gif Make motor mounts
tick.gif Install adjustable rear suspension
tick.gif Fold lip on and install rear battery box
tick.gif Brake Pipes
tick.gif Throttle Pedal