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From RollingResistance we know that power required at 95km/h is approximately 11kW. We assume 85% efficiency, and calculate current at 240V, 288V and 324V. We choose 240V because it's a nice round number. 288V is important as any more would require more than 3 relay boards for the Battery Balancer. The desired range is about 50km at 95km/h, which discharges the batteries in 32 minutes.

Voltage Current Ah at 30minute rate
240 54 27
288 45 22
324 40 20


I've bought 120 40Ah Thunder Sky LiFePO4 cells. I hope they turn out to be a good investment as Thunder Sky don't have the best reputation.

Thunder Sky are talking about opening a factory in the USA My cells are coming from China.

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