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The subframe will require some additions to mount the motor, inverter and cells. Niel Fraser of 0800 Certz advises:

  • 3mm plate welded to the frame in the front corners and on the towers
  • 38x2.5 wall tube or 38x38x3 RHS (Rectangular Hollow Section)
  • Front batteries to have shear mounts

He also mentions Capital Instruments for speedometer adjustments

See for a vtec motor in a mini subframe.


Thunder Sky Cells in the original battery box
Hole cut for battery box

Lower Box

  • 700x305mm
  • 18 guage box
  • 10mm flange

Need 1.5mm spacer to give flat walls for cell compression.

Upper Rack

  • rear C section 3mm steel
  • 3mm, 25 wide 50 high angle iron base of the battery holder

-- Main.TomParker - 19 Feb 2007