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I plan an on board PFC 30 charger.

PFC 30 with PDL 56 Series plug

It is supplied with a NEMA 14-30 plug on a short cable. This standard isn't used anywhere in New Zealand and the plug supplied isn't really suitable for mounting in the car. I'm going to replace it with something else.

There are bunch of suitable plugs that could be mounted on the car:

Wall socket

I am installing a PDL 56 32A socket in my garage. I'll get an E4, 56CV332, and 56CB4 with Circuit Breaker and RCD.

Connecting to Standard 10A sockets

It appears to be illegal to make an adapter from a low current socket to a high current socket (because you could overload the low current socket). Powersafe are selling adapters for caravans with a built in circuit breaker which they say are legal and avoid this problem (because the circuit breaker will protect the low current socket).

-- Main.TomParker - 21 Jun 2008