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Wiring connectors

Amp Superseal 1.5

Used in the Siemens loom.

3 pin plug datasheet


Tooling chart here says I need the 58583-1 tool and die set, or the 58583-2 die only. US$135 for the tool and die

Amp's product page



More common on the internet.

Existing connectors

There are many families of connectors used on this mini.

Unknown Connector Weatherpack Connector
Weatherpack connector for the charcoal canister purge valve.

Unknown Connector Amp Econoseal Connector Unknown Connector
AMP Econoseal connector between the body and the engine loom. Connector Datasheet crimper

Unknown Connector Unknown Connector
Unknown AMP connector for the horn. Interestingly the horn is connected to an extension which is connected to the loom, possibly because the air conditioning system required moving the horn.

Unknown Connector Unknown Connector
Unknown AMP for the MEMS engine management unit.

Sealed Male Bullet Connector Unsealed Male Bullet Connector Sealed Female Bullet (left) and Unsealed Female double adapter Bullet
Sealed & Unsealed bullets used in front lighting circuits (yes fully exposed to the weather at the very front of the car).