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I need approximately a 7:1 reduction. I first planned to put the motor on top of a mini gearbox and connect them with a belt, but I got nervous about the strength and lifetime of the belt. I've now got an old stock reconditioned Mitsubishi Mirage gearbox from the early 80's. It's got 4 gears plus overdrive and input shaft doesn't need to be supported by the motor. The box & motor just fit with no modifications to the subframe. The input shaft is diameter is big enough that it can be cut down to fit the motor.

Gearbox and motor in the subframe

Auckland City Library have

Reconditioners neglect preload!

Output Shaft

Clearance Shim Preload
1.84mm 2.12mm
1.87mm 0.27mm

2.12 - (1.84+1.87+1.89)/3 = 0.25

Required Preload 0.15 - 0.2mm
Required Shim 2.067-2.017mm

Intermediate Shaft

Clearance Shim Preload
1.84mm 2.13mm
1.87mm 2.16mm 0.29mm

Required end float 0 - 0.05mm
Required shim 1.805 - 1.855mm


Clearence Shim
1.67mm 1.62mm

Required end float 0 - 0.15mm

Reverse Switch

Needs to be On-Off-On type. This looks good -- locking lever.

-- Main.TomParker - 04 Feb 2008