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EVision Bench Test Setup
Brusa Shunt Measurement Board

Vehicle Speed

The Simovert provides a motor speed output, 5000Hz at 10000rpm. This can be adjusted by a configurable factor f_out_factor. The EVision & the Simovert share a ground, so this output can be directly connected to the EVision's speed input.

Current settings:

  • f_out_factor = 2
  • sensor count per rotation = 11
  • tyre diameter = 498mm

The above gives 7031 pulses per km.


The gearbox speedo output interferes with the body, so I need to drive the speedometer and odometer from the Simovert's output. I can either drive the speedo with a motor or replace it with an electronic one.

Mitsubishi FTO Speedometer




The EVision is connected to the pack by 3 wires, these need 50mA fuses. My options seem quite limited here. After quite a lot of searching I found the Bussman FWH-.500A6F which is UL Rated to 500V DC. At US$18 each I'm not so happy. Can be had cheaper at Online Components. (wrong current). Can probably use with a lower voltage pack.

10000 RPM Data Acquisition

Note, this was taken with the shunt incorrectly configured, double all the current readings

EVision captured data from 10000rpm run of motor
EVision captured data from 10000rpm run of motor
grep \\\$IV 10000rpm.csv |cut -d , -f 4- |tr , " " >data.dat
set terminal png
set output "10000rpm-1.png"
plot "data.dat" using 1:2 title "voltage", "data.dat" using 1:4 title "charge current", "data.dat" using 1:5 title "discharge current"
set output "10000rpm-2.png"
plot "data.dat" using 1:6 title "power"
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