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Nissan Leaf OVMS Current Status


  • State of Charge based configurable full charge gids (defaults to 24kWh's 281)
  • Indicates J1772 plugged in
  • Indicates Quick Charging in Progress
  • Reports Battery current & voltage (displayed by Android app during L2 & DC Quick Charging)
  • Reports Vehicle Speed
  • Reports Location
  • Indicates Parked/Driving
  • Reports 12v battery voltage
  • Remote Climate Control and Remote Charge start
    • Requires the CAN Bus write feature be enabled
    • The TCU module must be unplugged if CARWINGS/Nissan Connect hardware is installed
    • Gen 2 prior to 2016 Leafs and some Gen 1 cars "just work"
    • Model Year 2016 cars do not work
    • Some Gen 1 Leafs require a wire connected between the OVMS and the TCU wiring harness
    • Gen 2 cars don't turn off! Once activated, remote climate control continues even after turning the car on and off again. You have to turn it off manually.
    • 2016 Cars moved the TCU from the EV CAN bus to the CAR CAN bus and remote climate control does not work on these cars.
    • Android OVMS app supports remote Climate Control
    • iOS OVMS app does Climate Control using the Homelink command (Homelink 1 turns on the CC, Homelink 2 turns it off)

In progress

  • Battery Temperature
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Historical data collection
  • Collecting CAN bus frames for analysis.

OVMS Hardware

You need one each of the following

You will also need a PIC microcontroller programmer to update the firmware -- the leaf support didn't make it into the production run.

Quick Start

!! Not tested yet !!

  1. Program the OVMS with firmware compiled from from the master branch at
  2. Choose two passwords, MODULEPASS & SERVERPASS
  3. Choose a name for your car, NAME
  4. Switch the switch to the position closest to the edge of the circuit board
  5. Insert the SIM card
  6. Connect the OVMS to the OBDII port to power it up
  7. Send the following SMS (Uppercase is accepted in the first word, so don't worry if you phone tries to start with a capital)
    1. register ovms
    2. pass MODULEPASS
    3. module NAME K SMSIP NL
    4. Configure the APN:
      • For Vodafone gprs vodafone - -
      • For 2degress gprs internet - -
    5. server MODULEPASS -
  8. Switch the switch to the position closet to the middle of the circuit board

Remote Climate Control

Remote Climate Control on-off on Gen 1 cars is accomplished with the EV System Activation Request Signal pin the VCU and one frame on the EV Can Bus.

Gen 2 cars are the same, but don't need the EV System Activation Request Signal, they only need the CAN bus frame.

Model year 2016 cars don't work yet.

Leaf Can Bus


  • 0x11a byte 0 seems to be inverter status Park == 0x11 Neutral == 0x3e D == 0x4e byte 2 0x40 and eco 0x4e
  • 0x55a seems to be shifter

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