Siemens 1LH5118

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Analysis of a different, larger siemens motor (the one that comes up on ebay)

Sensor Cable

Plug on Sensor Cable attached to 1LH5118 Motor
Plug on Sensor Cable attached to 1LH5118 Motor

The motor's encoder and temperature sensors have a flying lead with what appears to be an M23 series plug, but offset 20 degrees. The plug supplied appears to be a Hypertac 12U with SPUC shell as seen on page 26 of

Amp have a suitable series: Finding the 20 degree offset appears to be difficult, but actually isn't -- you can turn the pin carrier inside the shell to any of the 3 offsets.

Traction Cable

Siemens supply 3 individually shielded motor cables. The shield is terminated in the cable gland at each end and effectively extends the ground from the inverter body to the motor body. If you move the inverter from the front of the car above the motor to the back of the car above the battery and replace the supplied cables with longer poorly routed non-shielded cables the inverter will get upset. Siadis reports a number of strange errors.

The plan is to replace the 3 non shielded cables with a with a single 3 phase neutral screen cable. This is slightly tricky because when you split the cable into the three cores to enter the motor and the inverter, the neutral screen divides and is no longer enough to cover the cable. The plan is to add braiding to those sections.

The cable glands appear to be PG16 size (22.5mm OD thread). Weidmuller 0261400000 may be suitable however it isn't designed for EMC. 1706890000 is but is harder to find. SKINTOP® MS-SC 16 looks the business.

There are 47 strands in the neutral screen.

0.5" braid should be big enough:

Running In