Wiring Diagram

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Misc Junctions

Left Right Up Function
Orange/Red Clear Red Motor Speed - EVision Speedo
Black Ground
White Start

Speedo Unit

Pin Colour Function
- White Ignition Switched +12v
- Black Ground
- Red +12
- Yellow Speed Pulse

Speedo Scaler

Pin Colour Function
A Red Speed Pulse in
B Yellow Speed Pulse Out
C White Ignition Switched +12v
D Black Ground


Purpose EVision harness CAT 5
PWR red white/blue
GND blue blue
CAN H orange orange
CAN L black white/orange
12v + brown
12v - white/brown
Speed pulse green

Direction Switch

A Brown Reverse
B Black Ground
C Purple Forward

Throttle Sensor


Regen Plug

Red/Black Black
Orange/Black White
Orange Red


Junction Block

Pin Loom Contactors Function
1 Red Red Contactor/Precharge +ve
2 Purple/Brown Black Contactor -ve
3 Yellow/Green Yellow/Green Precharge -ve
4 Green/Brown Purple Contactor Status
- - White Contactor Status Ground