Mini Stuff

I have a mini. It consumes most of my spare cash, which isn't such a wonderful thing, but it provides hours of fun, either driving it or maintaining it. If you have a mini you should join the mini-list, its very social and very useful!

I live in Auckland and am a member of the Mini Car Club of Auckland. If you are in Auckland you should join, or at least come along to a meeting. Non members, and non Mini Owners are welcome to come along to any club meeting. We meet at 7:30pm on the first Tuesday of every month, except January. The current clubrooms are the Northern Sports Car Club rooms in the Mt Richmond Domain in Otahuhu.

Technical Articles
(stuff that might be useful)

(that I've decided to comment on)

My Mini
(if you really want to know whats happening)

Nippondenso Alternator Conversion

An electronic voltage regulator for the mini instruments

Faulty Mini Sport Alloy 4 Pot Calipers

Patrick's VTEC Mini

The Standard Mini Differential and it's weaknesses

New Zealand suppliers of parts and services

How to pull a flywheel, including a useful modification to the Sykes Picavant flywheel puller

A Failed Heavy Duty Tie Rod

My mate's crank, in two pieces

My friendly Hedgehog!

Gearbox v Rock

Cracked Tierod mount

Some miscelaneous Pictures, including the Taupo speed event, Patrick's VTEC clubman and much more

Auckland Mini 40th

NZ National Mini Meet 98

My new KAD calipers and vented discs

My Engine Dropped a Valve :-/

All about my Mini

My Engine Page

External Mini Links
Sadly... I don't have many links here... I may add to them... but I'm lazy...
All sorts of good stuff at the Mini WWW directory
Technical stuff from the Vintage Triumph Register (highly recomended)

Electronic Engine Managment

I'm also interested in computer controlled engine managment. I'm planning to build an ignition computer for my mini to control timing advance. I plan to use a design by Tim Drury as a basis. It uses a 68HC11 microcontroller and I plan to extend it to moniter Manifold Absolute Pressure, Throttle Position, maybe a knock sensor, and also include some security features.

I am now making some progress. I have purchased a crank shaft position sensor. Read more about it, including a picture of Dave Theen's setup.

The Tim Drury article used to be available from a link off the diy_efi homepage, I believe their copy is available again. Reproduced here without permission, all the software, postscript schematics and html files in a a handy zip file